Our Portfolio

This is a website designed for an auto financing company. It’s a nice design with fading graphics on the main page. It uses Wordpress as it’s backend to make updating easy and instantaneous.

This site archives popular newspaper comic strips like Dilbert, Zits, Sally Forth, and many others, and it includes a blog. This site is based in Wordpress, and uses PHP scripting to update the comic strip links each day.
This is just one example of a Wordpress Theme that we can design. With Wordpress, the sky is the limit with regards to functionality and design.

This site was designed as an information site about wine tasting. The colors and subtle patterns make this an inviting design for wine lovers, and the bright contrasting image near the top draws the user in.

This site was designed as a Wordpress Theme, which allows maximum flexibility for the client, as they can now add and change content as they see fit without needing to know any HTML.